This is the second section of fells, which I started in July 2016. It includes the area to the northwest of Ambleside between Stonethwaite Beck and Great Langdale Beck in the west and Thirlmere in the east and contains the Langdale Pikes and the fells to the northwest of Grasmere. The area includes 27 Wainwrights and the Central Fells are described in Book Three of Alfred Wainwright’s Walking Guide to the Lake District Fells.

The section was completed on 16th October 2016 with a visit to both peaks of Thunacar Knott via Dungeon Ghyll.

The image above shows the view north from the summit of Steel Fell and includes 6 other Wainwright summits within the Central Fells group, (from left to right) Ullscarf, High Tove, High Seat, Armboth Fell, Raven Crag and High Rigg. Photo taken 29th July 2016.

Map of the Central Fells

The Central Fells

Fell NameHeightBaggedDate (first)
Armboth Fell479mBagged27/07/2016
Bleaberry Fell589mBagged27/07/2016
Blea Rigg556mBagged twice29/07/2016
Calf Crag537mBagged twice29/07/2016
Eagle Crag520mBagged twice15/10/2016
Gibson Knott421mBagged twice29/07/2016
Grange Fell416mBagged23/08/2016
Great Crag452mBagged23/08/2016
Harrison Stickle736mBagged21/08/2016
Helm Crag405mBagged twice29/07/2016
High Raise762mBagged twice29/07/2016
High Rigg355mBagged twice26/07/2016
High Seat608mBagged27/07/2016
High Tove515mBagged27/07/2016
Loft Crag692mBagged twice21/08/2016
Loughrigg Fell335mBagged twice22/08/2016
Pavey Ark697mBagged21/08/2016
Pike o'Stickle708mBagged twice21/08/2016
Raven Crag463mBagged twice26/07/2016
Sergeant Man736mBagged twice29/07/2016
Sergeant's Crag574mBagged twice15/10/2016
Silver How395mBagged twice29/07/2016
Steel Fell553mBagged twice29/07/2016
Tarn Crag551mBagged twice14/10/2016
Thunacar Knott723mBagged16/10/2016
Ullscarf726mBagged twice15/10/2016
Walla Crag379mBagged27/07/2016


The details in the table above are taken from various sources but most notably:
The Central Fells (Lakeland Fellranger guide, 1st edition) by Mark Richards
The Central Fells (Walkers Edition) by A. Wainwright and revised by Clive Hutchby
Lake District West (Superwalker XT25) by Harvey Maps