The Western Fells comprise two wedge-shaped mountain groups, those between Wast Water and Ennerdale Water, and those between Ennerdale Water and Buttermere/Crummock Water. The area includes 33 Wainwrights, which are described in Book Seven of Alfred Wainwright’s Walking Guide to the Lake District Fells and two additions from the Fellranger guide, making a total of 35.

The photograph above shows the view from Green Gable summit towards Ennerdale, which cuts through the Western Fells, east to west. It shows all the Wainwrights along the High Stile ridge, plus Pillar. Photo taken 23rd May 2018.

The Western Fells

Fell nameHeightBaggedDate
Base Brown646mBagged23/05/2018
Blake Fell573mBagged22/05/2018
Buckbarrow430mNot bagged
Burnbank Fell **475mBagged22/05/2018
Caw Fell697mNot bagged
Crag Fell523mNot bagged
Fleetwith Pike648mNot bagged
Gavel Fell526mBagged22/05/2018
Great Borne616mBagged30/08/2018
Great Gable899mBagged23/05/2018
Green Gable801mBagged23/05/2018
Grey Knotts697mBagged23/05/2018
Grike488mNot bagged
Haycock798mNot bagged
Haystacks598mNot bagged
Hen Combe509mBagged22/05/2018
High Crag744mBagged30/08/2018
High Stile807mBagged30/08/2018
Iron Crag *640mNot bagged
Kirk Fell802mNot bagged
Knock Murton *447mBagged10/06/2018
Lank Rigg541mNot bagged
Low Fell423mBagged10/06/2018
Middle Fell585mNot bagged
Pillar892mNot bagged
Red Pike (Buttermere)755mBagged30/08/2018
Red Pike (Wasdale)828mNot bagged
Scoat Fell843mNot bagged
Seatallen693mNot bagged
Starling Dodd635mBagged30/08/2018
Steeple819mNot bagged
Yewbarrow628mNot bagged

* Appears in the Fellranger guide to the Western Fells but not in the Wainwright guide.
** Appears in the Wainwright guide to the Western Fells but not in the Fellranger guide.


The details in the table above are taken from various sources but most notably:
The Western Fells (Lakeland Fellranger guide) by Mark Richards
The Western Fells (Walkers Edition) by A. Wainwright and revised by Chris Jesty.
Lake District West (Superwalker XT25) by Harvey Maps