The Northern Fells are described in book five of Wainwright’s Walking Guide to the Lake District Fells. They are divided into two main groups, the Skiddaw group to the west and the Blencathra group to the east. The area is 13km wide from Ullock Pike in the west to Souther Fell in the East and contains just 24 summits.

The Northern Fells

Fell nameHeightBaggedDate
Bakestall673mNot bagged
Bannerdale Crags683mNot bagged
Binsey447mNot bagged
Blencathra868mNot bagged
Bowscale Fell702mNot bagged
Brae Fell586mNot bagged
Carl Side746mNot bagged
Carrock Fell662mNot bagged
Dodd502mNot bagged
Great Calva690mNot bagged
Great Cockup526mNot bagged
Great Sca Fell651mNot bagged
High Pike658mNot bagged
Knott710mNot bagged
Latrigg368mNot bagged
Longlands Fell483mNot bagged
Long Side734mNot bagged
Lonscale Fell715mNot bagged
Meal Fell550mNot bagged
Mungrisdale Common *633mNot bagged
Skiddaw931mNot bagged
Skiddaw Little Man865mNot bagged
Souther Fell522mNot bagged
Ullock Pike690mNot bagged

* Appears in the Wainwright guide to the Northern Fells but not in the Fellranger guide.

Mark Richards makes reference to Mungrisdale Common in the Blencathra chapter of his guide to the Northern Fells and notes, “It must have been a close call for Wainwright when he opted to give Mungrisdale Common a chapter to itself in his guide to the area, as endearing features on this summit are few, it being little more than the sprawling north-western rump of an otherwise mighty mountain”.


The details in the table above are taken from various sources but most notably:
The Northern Fells (Lakeland Fellranger guide) by Mark Richards
The Northern Fells (Walkers Edition) by A. Wainwright and revised by Clive Hutchby (to be published 01.03.2018)
Lake District North (Superwalker XT25) by Harvey Maps