This is the third section of fells, which I started on 24th August 2016 and is described in Book Two of Alfred Wainwright’s Walking Guide to the Lake District Fells. It includes the area to the east of Ullswater, Windemere and the Kirkstone Pass. The area includes 36 Wainwrights and is 18km from Arthur’s Pike in the north to Sour Howes in the south.

The section was completed on 19th May 2017 with a visit to Wansfell during the Troutbeck Medley walk.

The image above shows the view south-east from Angletarn Pikes. Nine Wainwrights can be seen in the view (from left to right) Rest Dodd, Rampsgill Head, The Knott, High Street, Gray Crag, Thornthwaite Crag, Ill Bell, Brock Crags and Caudale Moor. The crag in the foreground is the east peak of Angletarn Pikes. Photo taken 24th August 2016.

Map of the Far Eastern Fells

The Far Eastern Fells

Fell nameHeightBaggedDates
Angletarn Pikes567mBagged24/08/2016
Arthur's Pike533mBagged10/04/2017
Beda Fell509mBagged13/04/2017
Bonscale Pike529mBagged10/04/2017
Brock Crags561mBagged13/04/2017
Caudale Moor764mBagged13/05/2017
Gray Crag697mBagged13/05/2017
Grey Crag638mBagged12/05/2017
Hallin Fell388mBagged17/10/2016
Harter Fell778mBagged14/05/2017
Hartsop Dodd618mBagged13/05/2017
High Rise802mBagged twice13/04/2017
High Street828mBagged twice14/05/2017
Ill Bell757mBagged14/05/2017
Kentmere Pike730mBagged14/05/2017
Kidsty Pike780mBagged twice13/04/2017
Loadpot Hill671mBagged10/04/2017
Mardale Ill Bell761mBagged14/05/2017
Place Fell657mBagged24/08/2016
Rampsgill Head792mBagged twice13/04/2017
Rest Dodd697mBagged13/04/2017
Sallows516mBagged twice19/05/2017
Selside Pike655mBagged12/05/2017
Shipman Knotts587mBagged14/05/2017
Sour Howes *483mBagged twice19/05/2017
Steel Knotts433mBagged17/10/2016
Tarn Crag664mBagged12/05/2017
The Knott *739mBagged twice13/04/2017
The Nab *576mBagged13/04/2017
Thornthwaite Crag784mBagged13/05/2017
Troutbeck Tongue363mBagged19/05/2017
Wether Hill673mBagged10/04/2017

* Appears in the Wainwright guide to the Far Eastern Fells but not in the Fellranger guide.

Sour Howes, The Knott and The Nab do not merit a separate chapter in Mark Richards’ Fellranger guide. However, The Nab is covered in the chapter for Rest Dodd, The Knott gets a brief mention in the Rampsgill Head chapter and Sour Howes, a similarly brief mention in the Sallows chapter. All three are included in AW’s guide to the Far Eastern Fells.


The details in the table above are taken from various sources but most notably:
The Far Eastern Fells (Lakeland Fellranger guide, 1st edition) by Mark Richards
The Far Eastern Fells (Walkers edition) by A. Wainwright and revised by Clive Hutchby
Walking the Wainwrights by Stuart Marshall
Lake District East (Superwalker XT25) by Harvey Maps